Forest background

We’re doing some tests on the project I’m working on, so I had to do a pan-able forest. Well, here it is! As it is suppose to pan and there is a lot of parallax, I’m posting a version without foreground and with some foreground. The images are quite large, so click for full view.

ForestSC04_NoFG SC_03_Foreground


New Showreel

The last year was amazing, to say the least. I graduated with a BA in Animation at the University of Westminster in London, co-directed and made a really nice looking graduation film, and 2 weeks before my oficial graduation, I even managed to land an awesome job at Cartoon Network studios Europe!

So I decided it was time for a new showreel, to reflect what I have learned and showcase some of the work I have done over the past year. :)

A few words about Gumball -

Because the episodes I worked on haven‘t aired yet, I am only allowed to show a few seconds of them, and only in playblast version. We would usually get a rough storyboard with the characters and a basic sketch of the background or a photo, if it’s a re-use from an old show.

Then I would use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe after Effects and Autodesk Maya to create a more fleshed-out version of the background, which would have realistic perspective, all the requered elements for a final background, and cut nicely with all the other shots in the sequence. This layout would be sent to the awesome animation team for animation, and to the amazing background people for finalising.

Sometimes the layouts would be a re-use, or edit, of an old background; sometimes they would be completely new images which would have to be matte-painted. This reel consists entirely of completely new images, which were created for the new episodes of the show.

Small and Big: Layouts and Backgrounds

There are several locations in which the action takes place, and each of them was designed and painted in Adobe Photoshop. This was the part of production which took me the most time, and from which I learned quite a lot as well, as I have never done a fully coloured, finished background before this project.

I wanted the short to be very colourful and have a nice atmosphere, so I spent quite a lot of time trying to get the colours right. Each shot was sketched out in the animatic of the film, then a black-and white layout version was made, and finally, the final coloured background was painted on top of it.

After that, the shot was composed in Adobe After Effects, and some small effects like smoke, light and shadow were added to enhance the visuals.What follows are several of the backgrounds I created for “Small and Big’, establishing the main locations that the short film takes place.


Intro shot final composite:


One of the fist establishing shots of the film, starting with the final composite, the Adobe Photoshop painting and finally – the layout. This shot shows the small village where the story takes place, and the homes of the 3 main characters – the Small guy, the Big guy and the Old guy. The story is set in the beginning of the century, before electricity was widely used, so the village is suppose to have a very rural feel to it. The Big guy’s shop was designed to appear as the newest building in the village, and so it doesn’t quite fit in with the other older looking brick – and – straw buildings.

first establishing layout

Second establishing, again, starting with the final composite, followed by the Adobe Photoshop painting and finally – the original, black and white layout sketch. This shots presents the shops of the 2 main characters, which were designed to resemble the characters themself, and to establish the opposing philosophies and origins of the 2 characters. The Big guy’s shop is more modern, using electricity, brightly coloured and build with new materials, while the small guy’s shop is very old-fashioned, closer to earth in colouring and relying on a furnace and chimney.

second establishing layout

The shop of the small character, Photoshop painting followed by layout sketch. This shop is build out ot natural materials, since the character lived in the small village all his life. Since he doesn’t have electricity, he has to rely on old-fashioned methods of providing light, like the old gas lamp.


The shop of the big character, painting and layout. The Big character is a more modern type of person, and is wealthier than the Small one. His shop has electricity and is brightly coloured, opposing to the warmer, more natural colours of the small guy’s shop.